The boat is an excellent base for team building and developing leadership qualities or simply a superb way to relax and slow down and learn new skills in a totally unique learning environment.

We also have a boat on the Norfolk Broads which we use for specialist in-house training on the UK’s largest and finest wetland areas. It’s waterways, marsh and woodlands offer unrivalled beauty and peace with scenic views of church towers and windmills along with abundant wildlife including many rare butterflies. Some of the nature reserves here can only be visited by boat.

We work with the highly respected Broads Authority who via their team at How Hill, help us deliver environmental training and raise awareness as to the importance of the wetlands area and its heritage.

The Potential

The ‘Potential’ is 65 feet long with a beam of 6 foot 10 inches

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The Monas Queen

The ‘Mona’s Queen’ is 37 feet long with a beam of 10 foot 6 inches

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Y Cruise Training

The basic skills of canal-boating are very quickly learnt

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Learning Disabilities

Are you involved with an organisation for people with learning disabilities?

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