1 August 2019

YMCA Wirral has been serving the community for 145 years. In 2006, following almost 70 years of service the old building on Whetstone Lane was consigned to the history books and our famous old home was raised to the ground to make way for our brand new building and centre of excellence. By May of 2006 all traces of the old building were gone and construction was underway, with the steelwork commencing in June 2006.

Construction is well and truly underway

With the board of trustees facing huge challenges and requiring specialist knowledge, we reached out to the wider community to strengthen our board with specialist knowledge in housing, property management and development. Built on the site of the old building, we moved into our new £5.4m home 12 years ago today, 1 August 2007, but we have kept many of the old buildings historic artefacts.

Our New Building in 2019

We can now offer a safe environment for up to 56 residents and provide a night shelter 365 nights year for rough sleepers. We offer practical advice, support and essential training for our clients. We have recently been awarded the prestigious Customer Service Excellence Award and last week our gardens were judged by the Royal Horticultural Society for their Northwest In Bloom Awards. YMCA Wirral take a proactive approach to working with disadvantaged and homeless individuals. We have recently been commissioned to launch a brand new Assertive Outreach programme which will help street homeless people to find shelter and engage with the charities and housing organisations to assist with their plight, whilst helping the wider community as a whole.