1 August 2019

One of our facilities at the YMCA Wirral is a Controlled Drinking Environment, (CDE) which is all about keeping people safe and trying to cut down residents alcohol intake.

In 2017, the Office for National Statistics recorded that over half of all deaths amongst homeless people in England and Wales were related to drug poisoning, suicide, or alcohol abuse. 

We have found that by helping our clients tackle any existing addiction problems, their recovery out of homelessness can be made swifter and they can establish an independent lifestyle/working life. 

In the video a Wirral YMCA member of staff said, “Here at the CDE we keep people safe from the streets by providing activities like debates, arts & crafts and even days out. These kinds of activities give people a new focus and something to look forward to.”

A big congratulations to our seven clients that went through detoxification in 2018!

This shows our CDE has had success in helping clients tackle their alcohol problems. 

You can find out more about the CDE by calling us on at 0151 650 1015