Emergency bedspace Triage and In-Reach Service

In March 2021, YMCA Wirral opened this new enhanced service that offers improved standards of overnight accommodation for those in crisis finding themselves on the streets and with no-where safe to go.

Five en-suite bedrooms are grouped around a communal kitchen (one of the rooms is specially adapted for less abled persons).  The rooms are furnished to a high standard and offer comfortable safe surroundings as a short-term measure until more appropriate accommodation can be found.

A dedicated In-reach worker and direct links into WMBC Housing Options Team and the RSI Team ensure that a seamless wrap around support is offered to those accessing this service.


Rough Sleeper Initiative

Our RSI Team was set up in July 2019 and forms part of a borough wide campaign to tackle the growing homelessness crisis.  Consisting of three outreach workers, who take to the streets every night to deliver valuable help to those sleeping rough.  The initiative is commissioned as an outreach service that brings the team into direct contact with rough sleepers. The RSI team will provide practical housing related support, to help service users to access mainstream homeless accommodation services and/or secure permanent accommodation.

The team are incredibly passionate about intervening in an effort to end homelessness, aiming to break down barriers that prevent people accessing services that can help them while creating a safer environment for the wider community.  In the 2 ½ years it has operated it has made some significant achievements and outcomes


24 Hour On Call Service

The RSI Team works between the hours of 6.00pm and 2.00am, and outside of these hours anyone in crisis can access help and support by using our dedicated support helpline for help and assistance.