When a person in the main YMCA hostel gains employment, their benefits stop and they have to leave their accommodation at YMCA Wirral – by gaining employment they become homeless.  This bizarre state of affairs often in itself forms a barrier and deterrent to finding work.  The YMCAW has operated a scheme where clients do not lose their accommodation and are rewarded with a support package to ensure that finding work is rewarded not penalised.  Successful clients who find work are given free accommodation for 4 weeks followed by 4 weeks at £25 per week.  During this time, they are encouraged to save for a deposit for their own property and also their first month’s rent.  Whatever they save up to a maximum of £400, is matched by YMCAW, and provided by way of a Bond or furniture package.  The 8 week period is a target time frame, where a person needs a few extra weeks this would be allowed.

Each new house acquired by YMCA Wirral has a “spare room” facility that can be used by clients who succeed in finding work and also when not being utilised, is available to outside partners for “emergency” short term (2 to 7 days) accommodation.