Achieving Greatness

Each resident is special to YMCA Wirral  and we perceive each one capable of achieving greatness.  A person’s journey with us commences with a risk assessment pre admission and once admitted a holistic development programme is tailored to individual need.

Help Required?

Whilst some people require help with dependency issues, others may be living estranged lives from friends and loved ones.  There may be a raft of social circumstances that have led to a homelessness state of life, compounded by unemployment, ill health and in some cases mental health support needs.

Success Is Common Place

Whatever life condition one presents on admission the plan developed is specifically designed to address all areas of a person’s life that has led to them being disenfranchised with society to the point where they have become excluded.
We work in complete collaboration with other agencies and their collective skills and expertise together with ours enables successes to be common place, evidenced by people moving on into their own homes and employment with prospects.


You’re never out of your depth with YMCA WIRRAL


Accepted as a part of a team, regaining self worth, we have a plan that works