21 August 2023

It has long been known that taking part in different sports helps young people in many ways, from developing their social skills by making friends, learning how to deal with conflict, and celebrating shared success with others, as just a few examples.

YMCA Wirral has a long and proud heritage in many fields of sport, not least that Birkenhead YMCA was where basketball started in Great Britain.  Today we encourage sporting activities for all ages, however we are particularly proud to sponsor

Poulton Athletic Under 8’s team.

Children’s football is one of the most beneficial activities young boys and girls can get involved in at a young age, as it offers a wide range of health benefits, including social, mental and physical benefits.  Team Manager Jordan Cox, who works as our

house manager at one of our move-on projects, has high hopes for his young stars of tomorrow!

Jordan knows only too well the values of football for young people – he feels it’s not just about having good fun and doing something positive, it’s things like inspiring character, leadership, resilience and teamwork — key life skills that transfer

from the pitch to the classroom and into later life.  Playing football, or taking part in any other physically demanding sport, is good for your health. Playing regular football helps keep you in good shape, improve your cardio, and boost your stamina.

It’s the perfect way to get young people to exercise without them even noticing.

Because football is a team sport, players learn how to co-operate and work with others to do well. It’s a naturally social sport where your communication skills, both verbally and non-verbally, are important too.

Jordan hopes the team will bring together local youngsters and in playing football together, they will form great friendships and work well together to achieve a shared goal.

Being part of a good club set up like Poulton Athletic is important for a number of reasons, and will enable young players to progress into other teams as they grow older.

YMCA Wirral is proud to be supporting these young players and wishes them well in the coming season!!