19 June 2023

After a period of lengthy staff engagement, we have just updated our YMCA Wirral Values handbook, which sets out what our guiding principles are and what everyone can expect when they are involved with our organisation; they are our essential and enduring philosophies.

The way we do things at YMCA Wirral is distinctly different to how others work.  Strong organisational values represent “the way we do things around here”.  They are underlying and stable ideals which people should use to guide their actions and decisions and to help them make judgments about what is right and wrong in any situation.

We believe at YMCA Wirral that we have achieved much by creating the values we now hold through staff and volunteers and board members working together, and referring to them and seeking to live them.

If they are to work, they must be embraced day in and day out, and be used from appointment to promotion, from recognition to reward and not just some nice words on an annual report.

The booklet is a demonstration of our commitment to living these values and will serve as an ongoing guide and reminder.  Our annual appraisals for all staff and volunteers are based on our values and all involved will develop to grow stronger and become more self-aware. It is our aspiration that YMCA Wirral is a unique example of a values-based organisation and be synonymous with Honesty, Passion, Cooperation, Humility, Respect, Teamwork, Responsibility and Integrity.

Download values booklet here.


Our vision

“YMCA Wirral’s vision is to be an all-embracing organisation with a Christian ethos transforming all communities across Wirral so that local people truly belong, contribute and thrive.”


Our Mission Statement

“Helping to build positive futures and overcome barriers for people of all ages.”