YMCA Wirral Updates its Value Handbook.

After a period of lengthy staff engagement, we have just updated our YMCA Wirral Values handbook, which sets out what our guiding principles are and what everyone can expect when they are involved with our organisation; they are our essential and enduring philosophies. The way we do things at YMCA Wirral is distinctly different to…



YMCA Wirral Waterways Experiences for Real Health Benefits

From a stroll through a town park to a day spent exploring Wirral’s fantastic coastline and countryside, getting outside and up close to nature has been linked to a host of major health and well-being benefits, including improved personal well-being, lowering stress, improved mood, reduced risk and impacts from psychiatric disorders and even empathy and…



YMCA Wirral 2020 Impact Report

Our impact report for 2020 is a available to download from the link below. The events of 2020 came as a surprise to everyone; in this impact report we take a look at how our staff have risen to the challenges presented by COVID-19.



YMCA Wirral Appoints a New Chaplain

We have appointed our new chaplain, Natalie West, to YMCA Wirral. Much like Nigel, Natalie is a vintage wooden boater. Here is what she has to say as we welcome her to the YMCA Wirral community… I am delighted to have just been appointed as Chaplain to Birkenhead YMCA, so I thought it would be…



Funding Oldershaw RUFC Showers

Oldershaw Rugby Club has been a club at the centre of the community since its inception in 1924. By placing family and a strong community spirit above all else, Oldershaw RUFC promotes Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Sportsmanship and Discipline amongst its members – who all share a special and unique relationship with their beloved club. With the emphasis…




145 Years and Counting Friday 27th September 2019 saw YMCA Wirral host a gala dinner at Thornton Hall, marking 145 years of service to the community. The board and Staff were joined by a host of invited Volunteers, Supporters and VIP’s. We would like to express our thanks to OON Media, (www.oonmedia.co.uk) for managing the…