8 February 2021

Oldershaw Rugby Club has been a club at the centre of the community since its inception in 1924. By placing family and a strong community spirit above all else, Oldershaw RUFC promotes Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Sportsmanship and Discipline amongst its members – who all share a special and unique relationship with their beloved club.

With the emphasis on mental health as strong as ever, while we battle Covid, Ryan announces Oldershaw RUFC’s plan to tackle the virus with the goal restarting rugby in a Covid-safe environment. With the club based in an area surrounded by areas of deprivation it is important, now more than ever, to allow it’s members to come together and promote the clubs values within the community and beyond. To accomplish this, they need our help.

Currently, Oldershaw RUFC’s changing facilities are equipped with two large baths and no showers. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic these were antiquated and desperately needed replacing. The pandemic has now made this an urgent priority. With the increased emphasis on social distancing and hygiene, these facilities will no longer be able to be used once rugby restarts. In order for the club to ensure it’s survival, shower facilities will need to be installed.

COVID-19 has had a sizeable impact on the club, and in turn, affected all it’s members and supporters in some way. Be it the sporting or social side, Oldershaw RUFC is greatly missed and with our help, it can be saved. To help out by donating whatever amount you can afford, please visit their crowd funding page.

In order to remain open in the near future, the crowdfunding page set up to save the club reads “We are looking to raise as much funding as possible for these projects with a Crowd Funding goal of £7,500 from our members and supporters. This will hopefully be combined with the match funding we are applying for from Sport England, along with other grant applications we are working on. We aim to complete these projects by the start of the 2021/22 season in order to ensure the safe return of rugby to Oldershaw Rugby Club and give our Men’s, Women’s and Junior sections facilities to be proud of and ensure their continuing growth.”